“…I would think how words go straight up in a thin line, quick and harmless, and how terribly doing goes along the earth, clinging to it, so that after a while the two lines are too far apart for the same person to straddle from one to the other; and that sin and love and fear are just sounds that people who never sinned nor loved nor feared have for what they never had and cannot have until they forget the words.”
― William Faulkner, As I Lay Dying


This body of work explores humanity past grief, and disturbance, to find strength in the cyclical nature of becoming what we were not. Through the alternating rhythms of what is patterned and what is held still, marks are made, erased, altered, and reborn. Within this I discover some truth I did not see before the making.

Three Drops

oil on canvas, 60 x 36″

The Guardians

36″ W x 48″l oil on board


oil on board, 24 x 17″, 2017

The General

 oil on board, 24 x 18″, 2017

Day Begins

oil on board, 48 x 36, 2018

One Thousand and One Nights

oil on board, 48 x 36, 2017

The Boxer

oil on board, 12 x 12″, 2017


 pastel, shellac, and charcoal, 36 x 28, 2017

Rest Now

graphite on pale blue paper, 22 x 30″ 2016

Night Follows

oil and shellac on board, 48 x 36″, 2017


oil on board, 24 x 18″ 2017

Fortune Teller

Oil on board, 24 x 36″

The Gardener

oil on board, 24 x 36″, 2017